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     Hi! My name is Chris Podles and I am the owner/operator of Mix Masters Entertainment. Our family business began in 1990. It is my goal to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of each couple we work with!

     Unlike other companies who may have numerous events occurring simultaneously, I am personally involved in every event booked with Mix Masters. My reputation is valuable! By eliminating the need for hired help, you are guaranteed that things will run smoothly and flawlessly, as they should. Before AND during your event date, you will communicate directly with me through the years, I have found that it works best this way because a high level of client satisfaction is easier to achieve.

     I pride myself on being flexible to the needs of my clients and realize that no two events are the same. Through the use of our online planner, YOU ARE ENCOURAGED to be in full control of what gets played and what does not.

     I ensure that the right people are the center of attention at events and enjoy being in the background making sure the event flows smoothly with the right music being played at the right time in a professional manner.

     Let me know if you'd like to join me at an upcoming bridal show where we will be.  More information on these events can be found on our homepage. Feel free to call, text, or email me with any questions you might have.



                    Regardless of what you have in mind, you can rest assured in knowing that not only are we able to meet your expectations, but we exceed them!  Our reputation is backed by WeddingWire, with almost 100 reviews that can be found at the top of this page. The Couple's Choice Award is given to companies who rank in the top 5% of the industry they represent. And, this is something we have achieved in four consecutive years! 

                    The reason for this is because Mix Masters Entertainment has been a small business for more than 20 years. By operating this way, all details turn out the way they should. By eliminating other people to take messages, respond to emails, and play at events, problems are eliminated from the equation. In addition, because we are a home based business – and not one who needs to pay the rent or mortgage on an office space/warehouse – we are able to offer rates that large platform companies can't touch! 


                    Bigger companies who have several people on payroll and whose office warehouse is able to store enough equipment to provide sound for a city parade or festival make our rates look very conservative.  Someone on social media may beat our rates , but, they might not have the experience or ability to provide you with everything you need for your wedding day celebration. 

                    Not only is Mix Masters owner run and operated, but we offer online planning tools where you upload and create a sequence of events, as well as three different music sheets (one Must Play, one Play If Possible, and one Do Not Play).  We also offer additional features, such as video projection, monogrammed lights, and our most popular option – uplighting – to tie into your primary and accent color palette. 

                    Don't fall for the lie that large companies will tell you that you can't find a quality wedding DJ for less than $2,000 for four hours!  Our wedding packages start at only $1,250!  Contact Chris today for more information and see why Passion ALWAYS Makes A Difference!