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Because our uplights can be programmed to show almost any color in the visible spectrum, it’s easy to understand why this is our number one option. Our lighting fixtures sit on the floor and are positioned against walls, backdrops, pillars, tents, and trees. As the light travels upward, the beams disperse, creating an even wash of color that can be seen all the way to the ceilings.

Our wireless uplights have built-in batteries, and last about 8 hours, so there is no need for messy cables, ugly tape, unsightly carpet runners, or dangerous tripping hazards.  Our intelligent lighting system is also wirelessly controlled and capable of showing several programs that are extremely impressive!  

Although the most common way to use uplights is to illuminate vertical surfaces, they can also be used to highlight a specific area. For example, you can put uplights behind a head table or cake table. They can also be positioned on a backdrop to make it pop. Table illumination can also be achieved by placing our wireless fixtures under tables with white or light colored linens. The possibilities are endless!


Let us personalize your wedding by creating a customized monogram light! These can be projected onto dance floors, venue walls, and tent ceilings. Select your design from a wide array of templates, or use your own original artwork. Once you submit your template, our team will get to work in creating your customized design and send it to you for approval. We require at least 4 weeks notice for monograms, as they are a customized piece we create for a one time use.

Click here to see some of our templates to use.


Our magnetic and battery operated pin spot lights make the special details "pop". These fixtures use small and narrow beams of light to illuminate centerpieces, floral arrangements, cakes, and any other important details you want to have highlighted.


If you’re looking to create an absolutely beautiful effect for your first dance, you can’t ignore this option!  Our professional dry ice machine creates thick, low lying clouds that hug the floor and create a stunning effect from any area in a venue.  This memory will be long lived and for sure be something that you and your family, friends, guests, and relatives will talk about and remember for a long, long time.  Take a look at this video to see the effect for yourself.
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