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"Memories Start With Us Because...

Passion ALWAYS Makes A Difference"


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Mix Masters Entertainment has been a family owned and operated business in Baltimore since 1990. We have established ourselves as a top entertainment company and have become a preferred vendor at several venues in Maryland and surrounding areas.  

If you are looking for a DJ who sees your wedding as a job, please look elsewhere.  But, if you are looking for a company who prides itself in what they do, and can provide your with a highly qualified person with experience in the wedding industry who can customize and tailor your wedding to YOUR specific needs, and one who has people who are passionately committed to making every event they are privileged to provide the music and entertainment for better than any party they have done in the past, MIX MASTERS  IS YOUR ENTERTAINMENT SOLUTION!!


Memories Start With Us Because Passion ALWAYS Makes A Difference!

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Mix Masters Entertainment has always taken pride in our commitment to the quality for each customer we work with. Our reputation in the entertainment industry proves that we stand behind the service we provide. We are passionately committed and are able to design and customize individual projects that meet and exceed what our clients demand. Our attention to detail is second to none and our work proves it!

As time goes by, people will forget a lot of the details about the wedding celebrations they attend (i.e. the colors of the flowers, the jewelry the bride wore, the flavor of the cake, etc...)  Conversations that we engage in (and current data) prove that more than anything else...


If you are looking to have memories you never want to forget, instead of being stuck with ones that you wish you never had, your search is over!  Providing customized planning, combining appropriate background music, orchestrating flawless transitions, making tactful announcements, creating a packed dance floor, and putting together a "flow" to your evening from beginning to end are only some of the factors of what makes Mix Masters your entertainment solution! 

With Mix Masters Entertainment you can have confidence that every detail of your wedding day celebration will turn out perfectly! We offer multiple setups when needed, monogrammed lighting, video projection, and WIRELESS UPLIGHTING, which is our most popular option!  Our DJ's are experienced wedding professionals with YOUR needs and concerns in mind. We do more than just "play the music" - we have a genuine desire to make your wedding day an incredible experience. Our enthusiasm, motivation, professionalism, extensive music knowledge and comprehensive skill in event coordination make us the best the industry has to offer! 

Are you planning a spring, summer, or a fall wedding for 2020!  Let us know if you'd like to have a chance to be part of YOUR join us as our VIP guests at either of the bridal shows coming up.  We are looking forward to being part of YOUR entertainment future!


Memories Start With US Because Passion ALWAYS Makes A Difference!! 

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