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Teeth Whitening


Because we want your smile to look the best it can be for one of the best days of your life, we recommend Bright Bites.  They take pride in helping people achieve a whiter smile that they can feel happy and confident about!  Located in the Perry Hall area, their results are guaranteed in no more than 40 minutes, and their rate is only a fraction of the cost of a Cosmetic Dental office visit! 
By using the best FDA registered whitening gels and an R27 shade guide, they guarantee AT-LEAST 2 shades whiter on your first treatment. All of their products are * Enamel safe, * Painless, and * FDA Registered.
They are trained, certified, and insured teeth whitening techs and are NOT dentists & perform no dental work.

If you went on your own and paid in full for your teeth to be whitened, we're sure that you'd LOVE your experience.... But, if someone else paid for your teeth whitening to be done, you'd PROBABLY like it a little bit more, right?  

Do you want YOUR teeth whitened FOR FREE?
Would your fiance like to have their teeth whitened for a lesser cost than retail?
How would your family members and bridal party feel about having the perfect smile for half off the cost of an office visit?

If any of the answers above are YES, the process is as simple as 1, 2, 3!




All of our wedding packages include a dance floor light show, two independent sound systems to be used for your ceremony, cocktails, and reception, AND A COMPLIMENTARY TEETH WHITENING SESSION to help you look and feel your best!  


Plan Your Visit(s)


Office visits are by appointments only. 

This incentive includes:

One complimentary teeth whitening session


$25 off a teeth whitening session for your fiancee, family members, bridal party, and/or any friends who get referred from you.


Love Your Results!

Their clients have testimonies to share, but none will be better than yours!  Let us help you make your smile the brightest it can be for the photographs that will be treasured for a long time! ​ Maintaining those "pearly whites" can be done semi annually or annually, depending on the level of brightness you want to achieve.

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