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 NEWS RELEASE (effective May 1, 2024)

Premier Mobile and Mix Masters Entertainment are excited to announce a significant merger, marking a pivotal moment in the corporate entertainment landscape. This strategic union brings together two top level brands known for their innovation, creativity, and commitment to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences.


This merger will allow both brands to leverage their combined expertise and resources to expand their reach, enhance their service offerings, and elevate the standard of corporate entertainment. By combining forces, they aim to set new benchmarks for excellence and provide clients with unrivaled entertainment solutions tailored to their unique needs.  Their strategic alignment of vision, values, and capabilities firmly positions them as a leader in the corporate entertainment industry. Clients can expect seamless integration, continued dedication to excellence, and an unwavering commitment to exceeding their



Clients can look forward to a smooth transition and continued access to the same high-quality entertainment solutions they have come to expect from both Premier Mobile and Mix Masters Entertainment.

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